On the set of my first short film, Dike, in 1995.
On the set of my first short film, Dike, in 1995.

Lisa Hayes started out working with 16 mm film, editing with a splicer and a lab made answer prints and release print. Expensive but fun.

Goldirocks, 2003, 94 minutes, 35 mm, colour
Mammogram, 2003, 7 minutes, 16 mm, colour
Sahara, 2001, 3 minutes, super 8, colour
Lez Be Friends, 2000, 13 minutes, 35mm, colour
My Grandma’s Boyfriend, 1999, 11 minutes, BetacamSP (shot on super 8 and DV), colour
The Colonel, 1999, 4 minutes, BetacamSP (shot on super 8), colour
Women Are Not Little Men, 1998, 15 minutes, 16 mm, colour and B&W
Grandpa’s Fingers, 1997, 4.5 minutes, 16 mm, colour
DIKE, 1996, 8.5 minutes, 16 mm, colour


  • GOLDIROCKS: Best Indie Feature, LA Femme Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2005
  • Prize of the Ministry of the Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic for My Grandma’s Boyfriend at the XXVI International Festival of Professional Films, TV and Videoprograms EKOTOPFILM 99 , October 1999.
  • Honorable Mention for Women Are Not Little Men at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 1999.
  • Audience Favorite for DIKE, Making Waves Women’s Film & Video Festival, Taipei, Taiwan, 1998
  • Best Short Film for DIKE, Critics Circle, Sydney International Film Festival, Australia, 1996
  • Best of the Fest Screening for DIKE, Inside/Out Film & Video Festival, Toronto, Canada, 1996