The Colonel

A short film inspired by the flawed love for politically incorrect deep fried chicken.You can smell the chicken. You want the chicken. But, you can’t admit it to the rest of the world.

super 8, colour, 4 minutes

Lisa Hayes, Lisa Cupoli, Matthew Perry, and Joseph CallaghanLisa Hayes, Lisa Cupoli, Matthew Perry, Joseph Callaghan, and Alan McNairn.
Written & Directed by Lisa Hayes
Original Music by Sticky Rice
Music recorded and Mixed by Ian Blurton


Light Plays Tricks Film Festival,
Kingston, Ontario,
October 19, 2001.

El Rio Cinema,
San Francisco, USA,
October 12, 1999

Rehab, presented by the Parkdale Beauty Pageant
June 24, 1999

Splice This! Super 8 Film Festival,
June 1999.

Production Notes

Hazy Pictures regulars, Lisa Cupoli, Joseph Callaghan, Matthew Perry, and Alan McNairn joined forces with Lisa Hayes on a frosty, windy February 13, to film The Colonel, a comical super 8 film that explores the flawed love of fast food made by Kentucky’s Colonel Sanders. A few hours of pick-ups were shot on a considerably milder March 13 – same cast and crew. Hayes edited the film on LIFT’s Media 100 non-linear editing system. On May 25, fab Toronto band, Sticky Rice, recorded the original tune, “The Chicken Song”, conceptualized by Hayes and Tiberius. Thanks to amazing recordist Ian Blurton. The 4 minute film was commissioned by Toronto’s 2nd Annual Splice This Super 8 Film Festival on the topic of “Flawed” and premiered at Ted’s Wrecking Yard on June 20, 1999.