Hazy Pictures 3.0 – Pixelated magic since 1996

Warts and all, this site has been on the world wide web since 1996, long before blogs and content management systems were available.

Version 1.0 of the Hazy Pictures website was created in 1996 on a Mac Classic using PageMill 2.0 and uploaded to a local webhost, the now defunct Interlog.net, using a 28.8K dial-up modem. (Do you remember how they sounded?) The files are backed up on floppy disks that I can no longer access. The site was constructed using frames. Version 1.5 was created when the domain name hazypictures.com was registered in June 1999, however the site was still coded using frames with Dreamweaver 2.0 and uploaded to a newer host, pair.com, with a speedy 56k modem.

screenshot of HPI version 2.0Version 2.0 was launched sometime in 2007 when I finally learned about semantic mark-up and web standards. It was coded using a freeware code editor. Hosting was moved to crystaltech.com.

Today, version 3.0 of the Hazy Pictures website is launched using WordPress, an open source platform that supports both web standards and semantic markup, plus it has lots of great widgets and themes. The site is being uploaded to my latest web host, Canadian Web Hosting, using Rogers High Speed Lite. (Soon I will be with TekSavvy, I hope.)

I have never claimed to be a graphic designer, which is quite obvious when you look back at these old versions using the Way Back Machine. But even the 1996 1.0 version of CBC’s website looks funny.