Work produced at Sequentia Communications

January 2005 – April 2007




  • The Communist’s Daughter, a novel by Dennis Bock1
  • Experience the Journey – the novels of Paulo Coelho1
  • The Continuity Girl, a novel by Leah McLaren1
  • Concertina, a book by Susan Winemaker2
  • Helpless, a novel by Barbara Gowdy1
  • Bad Bridesmaid, a book by Siri Agrell1
  • Last Stop Sunnyside, a book by Pat Capponi1
  • The Curse of the Narrows, a book by Laura M. Macdonald1
  • Apollo’s Arrow, a book by David Orrell1
  • Piano Piano Pieno, a book by Susan McKenna Grant1
  • Madame Zee, a book by Pearl Luke1
  • Rezendi, an author webiste for Jon Evans1
  • Concertina, a book by Susan Winemaker
  • Marcos Arriaga, an independent filmmaker
  •, the website of indie filmmaker Tina Cooper
  • Descartes Technology, technology consultants

1. Published by HarperCollins Canada. 2. Distributed by Simon & Schuster Canada


  • Annotated Raw Shark, a wiki for the novel Raw Shark Texts, written by Steven Hall. (no longer live)

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